Moving Forward: Investing in Challenging Times

We invite you to read insights from our affiliates’ portfolio managers about investing in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Choose a topic to read multiple questions and answers with teams from our partner affiliates ClariVest Asset Management, Cougar Global Investments, Eagle Asset Management, Reams Asset Management, and Scout Investments.

Portfolio Management

How do you think lessons learned during the Global Financial Crisis will potentially impact continued policy response and portfolio management decisions?

Fixed Income Image, Corporate Buildings, Skyline

Fixed Income

How do you see the corporate debt landscape changing, and are you capitalizing on these changes? How do you expect this to affect benchmarks, and various fixed income markets as a whole?

Consumers and Consumer Sectors Image

Consumers and Consumer Sectors

What are the primary challenges and opportunities in travel, restaurants, leisure?

Energy and Oil

What is the future for U.S. energy production due to the Saudi-Russia price war?


How do you perceive the state of the healthcare system in the U.S. today? Where are the stresses anticipated or already being seen?

Fixed Income

How do you see the corporate debt landscape changing, and are you capitalizing on these changes? How do you expect this to affect benchmarks, and various fixed income markets as a whole?

International Markets

What are your thoughts on the actions other nations have or have not taken, and what kinds of challenges or opportunities could those actions present?

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Active vs. Passive

What impact do you think passive investment vehicles have had on the market leading up to and during this crisis? What opportunities could be available to active managers to benefit?

Small Caps vs. Large Caps

How are you viewing the valuations in the space? How are you looking at your companies and what metrics are you focusing on?

 Small Caps Image, Bridge

Growth vs. Value

What dynamics were at play to cause the dispersion between growth and value, and what is your outlook for the dynamic moving forward?

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Do you think policy responses are appropriate? What do you think will be their effectiveness? What long-term damage could we see from the “emergency” Fed actions?

 Monetary and Fiscal Policy Image, Federal Building Image

Volatility and Liquidity

Heightened volatility is occurring across asset classes. What does this imply in your view, and what might stabilize this? What will be required for markets to recover?

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