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The latest commentary on factors affecting the markets and investors’ portfolios

Do not doubt the Fed’s resolve

Central bank policy has turned away from market accommodation.

Markets in Focus

Timely analysis of market moves and sectors of opportunity

The Markets in Focus Podcast

Discussions focused on the latest trends and developments driving the markets.

No. 1 job for the Fed

Inflation makes a Fed pivot less likely than many expect

The Fed, Inflation, and Markets

The U.S. Federal Reserve has aggressively tightened financial conditions with its recent interest rate hike. So what’s next?

Eagle Municipal Market Update

After a brutal start to 2022, municipal bonds have begun to bounce back. They might not be finished.

Municipal Bonds: A Window of Opportunity

This is arguably the most challenging period in history for bonds. It also might be just the time to focus on the opportunities.

Stay the Course

Inflation and rising rates may tempt investors to sell their bond allocation. That’s risky, says Eagle Asset Management.

Looking ahead

The Reams Asset Management looks ahead at the investment opportunities and challenges in 2022 in this annual outlook piece.

Sustainable Investing

Sorting out the facts vs. myths of environmental, social, and governance based investing

Quarterly Commentary

A snapshot of market happenings, a review of the portfolios and an outlook from Raymond James Investment Management affiliates.


Raymond James Investment Management and its affiliates offer in-depth perspectives about investment-related themes to aid our clients’ understanding.

A Case For Mid Cap Equities

Mid-cap stocks may be more established than smaller peers but more nimble than larger companies.

SMA or Mutual Fund?

Discover why high-net-worth investors may opt for separately managed accounts.

Q&A Series

Our Q&A series features Raymond James Investment Management affiliate managers sharing their diverse investment philosophies and thoughts on the market.

Q&A with Todd Thompson, CFA

Todd Thompson, CFA, Portfolio Co-Manager, explains Reams Asset Management’s distinctive process.

Q&A with Patrick Dunkerley, CFA

Pat Dunkerley, lead portfolio manager for the Scout Mid Cap Equity Strategy, explains why you need a mid-cap-only manager.