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Markets in Focus

Timely market analysis from experts at Carillon Tower Advisers and affiliates.

‘A hawkish cut’

The Fed indicates current policy is “likely to remain appropriate” but the labor market, credit, and capital expenditures are indicators to watch.

Room to Run

The case for cautious optimism in an uncertain market.

After the rate cut

Labor market and capital expenditures are key indicators to watch.

Tariffs & Trade: Don’t Panic

Tariffs and trade have markets trembling, but is the fear overblown?

Another recession indicator flashes

Inversion of a widely watched portion of the yield curve lessens appetite for risk.

First rate cut in 11 years

What investors need to know next

Think Internationally

With shifting global geopolitics, Scout Investments explains how investors can benefit from active investment management.

Growth vs. Value: Time for a Change?

Some investors may question the dominance of growth stocks.

Fed holds rates unchanged

Read insights regarding the Fed’s latest move from Eagle Asset Management’s investment experts.

How trade tensions may affect income

Learn what a potential breakdown in trade could mean for investors

U.S.-China Trade Tensions

New tariffs roil global markets

A Focus on Managing Risk

Learn how Cougar Global Investments uses a dynamic global macro-oriented asset allocation process to manage downside risk.

2019 Mid Cap Outlook

Multiple factors make the case for mid-caps in 2019.

The Missing Piece

Are you equipped to seek your long-term investment goals—or are you missing a crucial piece?

Mid Cap Growth Potential

Mid-caps can help investors gain an early position in stocks that might become tomorrow's blue chips.

What's Hiding in the Cap Gap?

Does your portfolio have adequate exposure to the mid-cap space? Many don’t.

Quarterly Commentary

A snapshot of market happenings, a review of the portfolios and an outlook from Carillon Tower affiliates.


Carillon Tower Advisers and its affiliates offer in-depth perspectives about investment-related themes to aid our clients’ understanding.

SMA or Mutual Fund?

Discover why high-net-worth investors may opt for separately managed accounts.

A Case For Mid Cap Equities

Mid-cap stocks may be more established than smaller peers but more nimble than larger companies.

A Strategy for Changing Markets

Many investors are choosing professionals to manage their bond portfolios in an ever-changing fixed-income market.

Q&A Series

Our ongoing Q&A series features Carillon Tower affiliate managers sharing their diverse investment philosophies and thoughts on the market.

Q&A with Michael Stack, CFA

Michael Stack, lead portfolio manager for the Scout International Equity, explains why invest internationally now.

Q&A with James Camp, CFA

James Camp, Managing Director of Fixed and Strategic Income with Eagle Asset Management, discusses the changing outlook for income markets.

Q&A with Abe Sheikh, FSA MAAA

Abe Sheikh, chief investment officer at Cougar Global talks about the firm’s distinct approach to risk and their reaction to recent volatility.

Q&A with Patrick Dunkerley, CFA

Pat Dunkerley, lead portfolio manager for the Carillon Scout Mid Cap Fund, explains why you need a mid-cap-only manager.